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Is 5G provisioned and APN related

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I swap between a couple of phones, some 4G and some 5G, I was using the 4G one for the last month and switched back to the 5G one yesterday. I definitely had 5G access previously but now only get 4G, I have good 5G coverage where I am.

I swapped to another 5G phone and sill only got 4G.

So how does this work, do I need to phone CS to get it re-provisioned, is it APN provisioned as I have a problem with the Motorola phone where it doesn't overwrite the Internet APN (doesn't happen on the other 5G phone)?

Each time I switch I do get the Internet and MMS provisioning messages.

My package is Halo 2 FTTP with 5 BT SIMs



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Re: Is 5G provisioned and APN related

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5g will still be provisioned even if switching back and to between different handsets.

Might be worth resetting the handset's APN settings to default, or ensuring that an APN is selected within your handset's settings. The APN's don't change when going up to 5g, so it's likely to be something on the handset you just need to do to kick it back in.

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Re: Is 5G provisioned and APN related

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I did call CS to see if they needed to provision it, they said they didn't, the took me through a network reset and boot of the phone. That didn't seem to fix it, the EE mobile coverage checked did say there was a reported problem that was fixed and the indoor 5G would be weak. 

A few hours later 5G appeared on the phone.....go figure.


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