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Is Bt Hd better quality than sky HD?

Hi guys,
I am thinking about moving from sky to bt. For a few reasons but mainly to improve picture quality (hopefully).

I currently have sky. I am led to believe that the old sky Hd + boxes only broadcast in 720. I have a a Samsung 4k 55inch tv and the picture quality whilst watching football is pretty poor.

My question is...if I was to move to bt would I receive better quality picture and frame rates? Ideally I require 1080 i/p as don’t have fibre optic b/band in my errror so can’t accomodate 4k (although my internet averages around 20mbs)
Any help would be much appreciated
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Re: Is Bt Hd better quality than sky HD?

Hi, bttv uses both aerial and internet to deliver channels. Its a hybrid service. The premium channels\ extra channels are delivered via internet and require at least a fttc connection. The picture quality i find excellent very rarely breaks up even HD. I also find the freeview HD channels of good quality however not ad good as the IP delivered ones. If you dont have fibre iam not sure if this is the right product for you. Hope this helps
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Re: Is Bt Hd better quality than sky HD?

I used to have Sky same time as BT Youview and a side by side comparison showed to 3 different family members each indicated the BT HD picture looked clearer and sharper. Same TV.

Not very scientific but I could definitely tell a difference. However whether the figures match this I dont know.



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Re: Is Bt Hd better quality than sky HD?

I'd look into  registering your interest for FTTC since you do need that as said already.

So far as picture quality goes, as an ex Sky customer I found little difference. By far the biggest difference is caused by the variety of quality of broadcast material I think, such as on Discovery etc. IPTV can be better optimized like Netflix because it does not need real time muliplexing. There is certainly no reason why it can't technically outbeat sattellite, no Sky channels use any thing like the  50Mbs available I'm pretty sure.

Old Sky HD boxes should out put 1080 I'm sure that was the only real reason I could see a difference when I got the BT box, it was set to 1080i which I believe means the TV was doing the de-interlaceing. I have some tie thought the picture is a bit jerky on some shows but not sure if Sky was like this too.

So far a teresstrial FreeSat vs. FreeView I preffer freesat, however some channels are missing from Freesat, noticably 4HD has regrettably recently dissapeared for some reason. You could keep your old Sky HD for FreeSat but I think they still charge £10 a month for the privillege so best to invest in a new Humax box if you want FreeSat too,

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