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Is anyone else overcharged for broadband whilst IN contract?!?

Sorry for the incoming rant, which I'll try to keep constructive, but just wanted to check in with other BT customers to see if they've been so unfairly treated with pricing??

I switched to BT around 30 months ago I believe, after Openreach installed fibre locally (FTTP too!) and I wanted faster speeds, well lower latency, than the ADSL I had (which was via Sky but via Openreach's copper cable all the same).  I got a leaflet through from the Openreach engineer about BT Fibre, which defo sounds like the monopoly between those two continue even after being forced to run them as two seperate companies.  Anyways, I didn't want to go to BT, I wanted Sky, so phoned Sky and lo and behold, they couldn't offer fibre.  So I rang the BT number from the leaflet offering Fibre1 at £30p/m and ofc BT could offer Fibre via Openreach immediately, so I gave in and ordered that (it almost 2 years for anyone other than BT to be able to offer us Fibre via Openreach!!) ... there's the first rant about BT's continue monopoly.

Second rant, I didn't pay attention to the pages upon pages of contracts they emailed because they said on the phone they said "Fibre1, 50mbps, £30p/m, 18 month contract", just like the leaflet through the post said, so happy days... or so I thought!  I get the bill a month later and it's £38, which is the "+£8 after contract price".  I ring customer services who says that £38 price was on my "Welcome Letter" (which is that dozens of pages... the price is on something like page 11 of 14) and they said they don't record unsolicited inbound calls so they can't listen back to here the agent say it was £30, so basically was stuck for 17 months on £38

So then renewal comes, and we end up still with Fibre1, on £36 a month so 18 months, even though at that time, and still now, brand new customers can get the same fibre for only £30 a month, but they wouldn't offer us that!!  I checked with Sky, Plusnet, basically anyone who use Openreach and still 19 months after the fibre was laid locally only BT can give us Fibre.  So without any other alternate (other than ADSL from elsewhere) we renewed.  Rant two.

This would've been where my rants ended (I'm just checking back up I did actually ask a question here 😛 ) but just now I've rang again, as we moved house earlier this year, our broadband was moved first then phoneline not for almost 3 months, and the day after BT said they've installed the phone at our new house (no one turned up for the appointment!) random calls have started appearing for a few seconds costing 21p a time (very random like 0161 222 3333 and 0161 911 1111 - just numbers that surely don't exist).  Ever since the day they said they moved the line, it's been constantly engaged, so i assumed disconnected.  Anyways, spoke to CS who said they'll refund the calls and they put me through to the "Value" team ... overstatement for a team name!  They say I've been passed to them to remove the phone part of my package (might as well as I don't have a line installed!) but immediately start quoting me £69 for Fibre900 which I can get at my new house.... it's gone from me being ripped off by BT for 30 months, not having a phone line but yet being billed for calls to now being offended by being offered a service I don't even want.  The only option they'd give me, as I'm still within contract, is up to upgrade early to Fibre100 at £39.99 p/m (actual price a new customer pays now).  They wouldn't give me Fibre2 as it's cheaper!!  So I told them the whole story above about being ripped out during two renewals and I do not want my contract renewing, for them to offend me once again saying "BT do not do that" .... yes they effing do, just look at my billing history for 2 1/2 years of market monopoly and overcharging.  (end of rant three)

So I'm now left with a phoneline Pay As You Go which someone possibly could rack up bills on as it's not installed at my property, I'm overpaying on the slowest Fibre connection, with a terrible old router that doesn't reach my bedroom (four bed double fronted house so not really a massive house, bedroom otherside of staircase to living room where router is) as the upgraded Smart Hub they sent me for free "in good faith" when I moved was for FTTC and not FTTP and they now won't exchange it!!!  (rant four I guess)

So just to recap the question sorry - is anyone else in contract being charged outof contract prices, or is it just me who's been shafted out of around £200 over the past 3 years??

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Re: Is anyone else overcharged for broadband whilst IN contract?!?

@OneUnhappyCustomer I can't comment on that "out of contract price" but wish to find nice words on that "Value team" offer for FF900, but probably can't...

Why? As customer on contract, moved from FF2 to FF100 and now into FF900 including their lovely propertiary Digital Voice (which will works just with BT SH2, and anything else), I got Full Fibre 900 with Halo3 for a lot less then your quoted price, but got re-contracted at that point to new 2 years...

There was not need to fight for a price, it was their straight offer, and even I was thinking just about FF300 with H3, price difference was loo low to refuse FF900 with H3, for a price of new customers FF900 only, without H3...


I found, as you are either lucky to catch someone who is able offer You good price, or someone, who's team going on P&L tables hard, and try to offer rip off prices... 

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Re: Is anyone else overcharged for broadband whilst IN contract?!?


I found, as you are either lucky to catch someone who is able offer You good price, or someone, who's team going on P&L tables hard, and try to offer rip off prices... 

Unfortunately it seems I only hit the latters lol ...

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