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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

No, it isn't just you - BT is just cr*p!


Cannot usually logon, get logged off in minutes despite ticking the box to keep me logged on - overall it is a pedal-cycle service in a Facebook world (as in pointless)! (Mind you I am trying to use BT internet)!!!


Anyway BT,  I hope you are reading this - you don't provide any level of service to anyone!  Waste of space in every way (Tw*ts).


I just need to find a proper provider! - But then BT it may be a good time to extend the date for feedback on your site

(unlesss you don't want any negativity). :laugh:


"Adverts" just seem to f*ck-up a car crash!  


BT = **bleep**ty! (On a good day)! (I'm not a fan)!

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Re: Is it me or is the new BT mail service really awful?

October 2018 Just as bad if not worse! Complaints, you get fobbed of and complaints closed without asking you! Yahoo has taken over with it's gimmicks. Accounts have left home,no bills available just a message saying we have taken your money! They have been taking double the amount from my bank account! BT teetering on the brink!
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