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Is it really this difficult?

So two months ago (23rd of June to be exact) I contacted BT as I had just received info of my new house where I was moving in few weeks and I wanted to get Broadband and home phone there.

As it was a new property I could not order BT Infinity online (didn't find my address) but I sent a separate ticket saying I want Fibre and please let me know what I needed to do.

I received confirmation of my engineer visit (for 8th of July) and I assumed that the engineer then would let me know which connection I was able to have as I didn't hear anything else from BT.

Well, the 8th of July came and so did the engineer. He installed normal phoneline and broadband (not infinity) as BT had not instructed him about Infinity - he did say however that the house was Fibre ready and it should be easy thing for BT to change it.

So, I called that same day to BT saying that the wrong thing was installed and that I already in June requested infinity and not just a Broadband. At that point I was told that I had to wait until the following day because the current order was still open and for BT to be able to upgrade it, the current order had to be closed. Someone was supposed to call me back at 11 the next day. No call. A lady then called me at 1 but I was in the middle of something and asked her to call me back a bit later, she never did.

I waited for couple of days and decided to call BT myself. And this is when the real fun started.


My address could not have been found from the system. For some reason my address had been updated to something completely different than what I had given BT, so I could not have my account upgraded now to infinity until my address was fixed on the system. Someone promised to call me back.

Days went by and no one called me. So I decided to call BT again. Now apparently I had two different accounts, one with correct address and one with wrong address. Before I could upgrade they would have to make sure I have correct account - someone was supposed to call me back.

Someone called me, I called BT, someone called me again etc. and everytime I had to explain everything from scratch, I guess there are no call logs for customers at BT.

It was escalated to special team who called me. They looked at my profile and now apparently there was no phone number attached to my account. The lady actually had to call my home phone to understand that YES I HAVE A PHONE LINE WITH BT. Now, she couldn't do anything to upgrade my account because I had no phone line registered to my account.

Couple of days ago I got an email from BT saying "Sorry to see you leaving" followed with an email saying "Thanks for your BT Order: here's the detail" - not for infinity, but for the same Broadband I had before, except minus any offers that were attached to it before and of course adding the line rental (which I had paid for 12 months already in June...).

Today I got TWO different online bills sent to my email and also AGAIN an email saying: "Thanks for your BT Order: here's the detail" This time it said that BT had sent me a new hub and of course now this email included a new delivery charge and hub cost...

Still no mention of infinity.

And if this was not all, I received a call from a chap at BT who started the call by saying "So, I have a note here that you require some information since you are changing your BT line to a different provider" 

I told him that it is the 1st time I heard of it, but thanks for the pro-activeness because that is a great idea.

When he started to check my details and said that the address on my account is different from what I just gave him, I literally burst out laughing, we had gone full circle AGAIN...


It seems that at BT one hand really doesn't know what the other is doing.

I probably have 100 accounts soon at BT because every incompetent customer service person always creates a new account for me. I keep getting emails saying 'thanks for your order' and I have not even looked to BT direction, let alone ordered anything new.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry... 



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Re: Is it really this difficult?

Hi Tsjk


Sorry for the experiences you have had so far when trying to get Infinity.


Send us an email using the Contact the Mods link in my profile, I can have this investigated for you.





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