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Is my ip profile low?

Recently discovered that my router was causing my connection to drop, not the line...since then I've been swapping it and trying diff configurations with an old router, and I've only just learned that This effects my ip profile? I used to get around 2.8 download speed I'm now on 0.8!!! Now the infesting thing is I had BT engineer out who checked the line and said there was no issue, but the tonight I can ring my fone from my mobile and hear the outgoing rings, but nothing comes through on my house phone? I've tried two different home phones and get nothing, also when I try to dial out I get nothing or a loud snow noise for a few seconds then nothing again?

My ISP are sending out a nee router, can anyone tell me after its all connected will my ip profile automatically improve and my speed go back up? I'm a bit of a laymen

If it helps at the moment my line attenuation is 59db? I read that's quite bad? Would that have gone up since the router started causing the ip profile to drop? As I was getting 2.8mbps roughly before

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Re: Is my ip profile low?

are you a BT broadband customer?  If not you need to post on the forum of your ISP as this forum is for customers of BT Retail our ISP

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Re: Is my ip profile low?

Are you a BT phone line customer? Do you pay BT for the line rental?

It sounds like you might have issues with the phone line which can also affect the broadband.
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Re: Is my ip profile low?

Your attenuation is your line length from the exchange and is nothing to do with your router and cannot be altered it is not a fault
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