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Is my smart hub faulty? (speeds fluctuating)

2.PNG3.PNGCapture.PNGspeed test.PNGso im having some issues with my smart hub here, Basically over the past few days the speeds have been all over the place despite my sync speed not changing. I can get around 43/44mbps at best through a wired connection, and at worst i can get around 15/20mbps also through a wired connection and a much higher ping! The upload speed always stays at about 9.30mbps. 

I have also taken speeds from my brothers xbox (connected wirelessly) an hour ago which showed 30mbps at first, and when i run a speed check again, i got about 27mbps i think, I run the check again and the speeds went to about 23 or 25mbps. (sorry can't exactly remember). Basically the results get worse the more tests i run. 

my router is plugged straight into the BT master socket (no pointless telephone extensions running all over the place. I would also like to add we don't use a landline.  We have a Wired cable running from router to our sky q master box and a Ethernet cable running to my room which go's to a switch which connects my PC and xbox. the hub also kept randomly restarting every couple of days without explanation. Is my hub faulty?

so to cut a long story short, my download/upload speed is all over the place but sync speed is unaffected.  


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