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Is port 80 blocked by BT? - port 80 for http

port checker sites say my port 80 is blocked


I have set up, on the router forwarding of http (port 80) from my server.  on the server the firewall will let port 80 through


have checked by temporarily removing firewalls on router and server -- port 80 still blocked


just wondering what I use to serve http some posts say ports other than 80 but it is normally port 80.


please help




later -- looking at options ..


1. the http/https forwarding may not work or

2. port 80 is blocked by the isp (which I can't believe)


solution may be to create a new application for port 80 then forward that (maybe default forwarding doesn't work)

have seen suggestions of that on the web.  can't believe that will solve it.  These things will have been tested


at least one person on forum post has suggested setting up machine through dmz (bypassing the router firewall)

relying totally on the internal server firewall.


I just can't understand why when I've forwarded port 80 it still blocks -- turn the firewall off it still blocks


router is type B.


I'm pretty sure now its BT blocking ports by default until you phone up to ask for them to be opened - fair enough.



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