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Re: Is the HH3 ok for me ?

@jamjar62 wrote:
Oh interesting Mister _C so you would recomend an AC on Infinity then ? for future reference 🙂
It's certainly an option worth considering especially if you need a back up solution as well. That said in order to back up a Windows PC you would need to find a back up solution that works with it. On a Mac if you're using a relatively new version of the OS then you can use the built in Time Machine back up utility which is what I would as I use a Mac. If you don't need the built in HD for storage or back up you could just get an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station which is the same thing essentially but without the HD and £60 cheaper. Having said that if that's the case then it may be better to get a modem/router combo like one of the Draytek models.
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Re: Is the HH3 ok for me ?

@jpadeutsch wrote:

Hi Jamjar, I think we've had this discussion before. For me the HH3 works fine on both wired and wireless. It does help if you use fixed IP addresses for your computers. You might find (for reasons I don't understand) that even with wireless N in your laptop you only get a 65mbps wireless connection - and this will not be enough to give 40mbps throughput on the internet. If that is the case, it might be cheaper and more effective to look at using an external wireless adapter on the laptop rather than replacing the HH3 by something you buy. I use a netgear WNA3100 adapter on my laptop, and my wireless connection is almost always over 100mbps, often up to 130 and even 144 - and the internet throughput is nearly as fast as on my wired computers upstairs (35 to 38 on wireless, 37 to 39.5 on wired).

used the HH3 for a while now and get 144 wireless to my laptop via the internal wireless. never had a problem with the HH3 so as suggested give it a go and see what u get before spending money out. 

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Re: Is the HH3 ok for me ?

yeah agree with that if it an,t broke don,t fix it ! i always go by that rule 🙂  lol 🙂  I have a mate who has B.T Infinity installed a few months back ,and he is the most crazy guy i know ha! ..Get this for burning money !! He goes out and buys  Draytek 2750n router/modem for £150 ..Then after a few weeks decides he wants to go back with the HH3 ! anyway that didn,t work  for him ,so instead of going back with the Draytek ,which worked fine 🙂 he goes out and buys an Asus RT-U56N Router for £89 !  at this pont in the stoty i,m lost for words ! ........... 😞

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