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Is there a difference in HomeHub V2 Type A and Type B?

So, with recent problems with my BroadBand connection, the good guys at BT thankfully sent out a new Power Supply, as it was making some odd noises and could have been causing the interference on the line.  But, the new power supply had stickers informing me that it's only to be used with the HomeHub V2 Type A.  My current HH is Type B.  Thankfully, the box also contained another HomeHub which was Type A (this is my 3rd HH in 4 years!).


Anyway, joking aside.  I set up the new Type A router and it's connected at a far higher downstream than the Type B.  Also, the noise margin is much lower which (fingers crossed) means I'll have a more stable connection.  Also, the strange noise from the power supply isn't happening with this version.


So, is there any fundamental differences between Type A and Type B?  I have had intermittent problems with the HH V2 Type B router even since I got it, could they still exist in the Type A router?


The bit at the bottom reads "Software version 8.1.H.J (Type A)"




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Re: Is there a difference in HomeHub V2 Type A and Type B?

Well... The Type A hub has been known to have a few issues compared to the Type B hub. Although I had the Type A hub before I started using a DG834GT, I never had a problem with it. To add to this, they are made by different manufacturers:


Type A: Thomson


Type B: Gigaset


That is why the power supply states that you can't use a Type A power supply with a Type B hub or the other way round.


Hope this explains things 🙂


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Re: Is there a difference in HomeHub V2 Type A and Type B?


We had 4 Type A homehubs and all performed below par.

When we recieved the Type B, i was over the moon, i have had to reset it twice now due to lenght of time being switched on but compared to a dailey reboot of Type A, i am more than happy.

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Re: Is there a difference in HomeHub V2 Type A and Type B?

Thanks for the replies!


So far, my connection is the best it has ever been, see:


In the past, this wouldn't ever get above 4Mb/s at this time of day.  Even if the router has reported it's connected at 6 or 7 meg downstream.  Plus, the router would reset once every other day and on bad days, several times a day.  So far, the uptime has been 3 days, the longest so far.


So, I'm currently a happy chap.  But, I know all this can change, but fingers crossed it doesn't!!

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