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Is there a network fault?



I had BT Infinity installed on Tuesday just gone..  And since then I've loved my Infinity Broadband....  when it works....


I didn't have a BT line prior to Tuesday, so the install was a whole new one, from scratch.  The Engineers took about six hours to do the install, he couldn't get the modem to sync to the network, and had to make numerous phonecalls to the "fibre team".


They finally got it working after establishing that the equipment in the cabinet was damaged and swapping my connection to a different location.


Since then I've been coming in from work, and the broadband light on the homehub is orange, and the DSL light on the modem is flashing...


It's been doing this since last night now - about twelve hours, and BT faults said there was a fault on the inifity network, but to expect a call from BT Wholesale within 48 hours...


Is anyone else experiencing faults like this?  Is it just me?








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