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Is there a number other than 151 where we can speak to an engineer?

I reported a dead phone on the 2nd of january, as usual the repair date passed without contact so another call promised me an engineer in 2 days (7days in total). I did get a text to say it was fixed but as iI was away I couldn't check it and when returning home 2 days later it was still the same so yet another call. Brilliant service this time, the next morning a text to say it was repaired but of course it wasn't so another call and another repair date which is about to expire.

Is it really too difficult to call the phone and see if anyone answers it after a repair and if no reply contact the alternative number?

I have tried the complaints department and received an automated reply so I'm not holding my breath.

I am sure that soon it will be put down to a fault im my home even though in theory they have repaired it twice! So what did they do?


The fault tracking service states they will keep in touch about the progress but I have yet to hear anything other than the texts. You are a communications company so communicate.


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Re: Is there a number other than 151 where we can speak to an engineer?

This is a BT Retail customer forum, so messages do not go to BT, however the forum is moderated by the UK based BT Care Team, who are very good at sorting things out.


They can be contacted via this form

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