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Is there a solution to this?

I have been a BTinternet customer since dial -up days. We live in a very isolated cottage 5Km from the exchange/cabinet which is fibre enabled and on a Market A designation. The landline connection for the first 4KM is slung on poles and for the last !km is underground but not in a duct just an armoured cable laid in the ground. Using a HH4 the Download rate limps along at 500Kbits/s which is barely useable but using a BiPAC7800DXL with the Broadcom Chipset I can double the speed upto 1Mbits/s. FTTPOD is available but as there are no other properties within 3km to aggregate the cost with, I think OR charges will be excessive. There is no 3G or 4G mobile signal on any network. All this less than 50 miles from Trafalgar Square! Can anyone offer a solution to achieve a reasonable Download speed or even one that reaches the USO and will anything change after 2020 Thanks
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Re: Is there a solution to this?

Given how isolated you are the only way the usual ISPs can get a decent connection to you is if for some reason Openreach provide you with a FTTP connection which looks somewhat unlikely.

However there is  a product called Satellite Broadband - just google it and have a look. I don't know the pricing and the speeds aren't fantastic but may be up to 40Mbps if lucky which should be sufficient. The downside may well be the lack of features that are provided possibly.

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Re: Is there a solution to this?

Hi Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with the Satellite option however the costs are likely to be excessive with only a reasonable usage of data and the back haul always presents a problem and slows the throughput considerably at times. I am really looking for a terrestrial solution
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