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Is there a way to restrict wholehome disk/s to 2.4Ghz only

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I have a worcester Wave, central heating controller, that only works on 2.4 GHz, and it loses internet access if it is switched to 5GHz.

I have separated channels on BT Hub, with two separate SSID’s, with intention of connecting Wave to the 2.4 SSID, but wave controller can only see the wholehome disks, and can’t see this SSID.

I’d like to separate the channels on nearest wholehome disk which the wave CAN see.

Is it possible?

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Re: Is there a way to restrict wholehome disk/s to 2.4Ghz only

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Hi @SwanseaMick, first, to answer your direct question: No, you can't split bands on the whole home discs.

But, you might need to describe your problem in a bit more detail as I'm not sure that's your solution anyway. There might be another problem somewhere (and therefore a a different solution).

Whole Home Wi-Fi supports 2.4GHz and will not switch your Wave device to 5GHz if it doesn't support it. So I'm not sure that's your problem.

Are you able to install your Wave, but then find it suddenly stops working after a while? Or are you not able to install it at all?

If the latter, you might want to have a look at this similar thread which recommended a workable solution for devices that can't cope with dual-band networks (you may want to scroll up when you land on this thread to see the full story).

If the former, come back here and we'll suggest some other things to try.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Is there a way to restrict wholehome disk/s to 2.4Ghz only

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I’m not  too sure how dual band wifi works, but have been told by Worcester support (paraphrased):-

”Typically, dual band routers sync across both bands simultaneously using a single SSID. Not all devices behave in the same way, and some devices may not cope with dual bands using same SSID, in some instances this can affect the Wave”

One of their proposed  solutions is to split the bands into two separate SSID, one for each band, and connect the wave to the 2.4 band.  I did this with the BT hub, and as wholehome is connected directly by ethernet cable,  wifi thoughout the house was unaffected, so it didn’t cause any problems with my other devices

However, I found that neither of the SSID’s for the hub could be seen by the wave device!

If as you say the wave shouldn’t change bands, once connected, I’m at a loss as to why it should lose internet access at all.


NB I reset the wave, and reconnected to wholehome, and on 3rd attempt, seems to be working again-hohum


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