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Is there an IMAP server problem?

Since Friday afternoon my email client has been having extreme difficulty connecting to my incoming email server. As I write this post there are five unread messages in my inbox when I check the webmail site, but none have arrived in my client's inbox because it cannot connect to the server.


As far as I know, all the server settings are correct on my email client, and the fact that it was working fine until Friday afternoon supports this.


The problem seems only to be with the incoming server, because the in-built 'Connection Doctor' in the Apple Mail client app consistently shows the connection to the outgoing (SMTP) server to be rock solid. However it is forever showing the incoming (IMAP) server status as 'Connecting to server...' with a spinning gearwheel showing.


The server I have set as my incoming IMAP one is:


As I say, this has worked satisfactorily for ages, but has suddenly become unreliable.


We have two user accounts on the computer here, (each having different email address, and the same problem of not connecting with the IMAP server exists on both our BT email accounts.


I have been onto Apple Support, and by doing various diagnostic procedures they tell me there is nothing wrong with my Mail app.


I had a 'live chat' session with BT Support on Friday afternoon, and quite frankly I was disgusted at their response, which was to tell me that they 'didn't have the expertise' to deal with my issue. They directed me to sign-up to a paid-for service called BT Expert Tech or something...


Is anything going on with the IMAP servers, because everything seems to point towards it being them causing my current problems.

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Re: Is there an IMAP server problem?

If you change your incoming IMAP server to is it any better?

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Re: Is there an IMAP server problem?

I have had issues with my imap account via. Yahoo, similar to you.


Mine works for a number of weeks then fails.


I have read somewhere that a setting of is more reliable.


I tried it and it has been more reliable but recently started playing up again.


My solution was to use my iCloud imap account which is reliable and has never gone down.


I changed my bt accounts back to pop and have them forward the emails to icloud.


I keep the Pop accounts in the mail app on my MacBook Pro and on my iPad so I can send emails from those accounts.


I setup some rules in iCloud to sort the emails into folders created in iCloud for the BT accounts.


This works for me and is reliable.


I am hoping when BT change us to Critical Path email that iMap will then work correctly.


Good Luck




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Re: Is there an IMAP server problem?


Thanks for that.


I did try temporarily changing to, but as soon as I quit and re-launch Mail all my IMAP-stored mail folders disappeared, which was clearly a non-starter. So I've gone back to the yahoo one.



Thanks for the iCloud tip, which is worth remembering for the future.






At the risk of ruining things by declaring it... I 'may' have found the answer to my problem, at least for the moment.


One thing I noticed today after posting my original above was that, although my Mac wasn't connecting to the IMAP server, my iPhone was doing. All my incoming messages were arriving in my iPhone inbox as they should.


This took suspicion away from the server again, so I tried to think of something else that might be at fault. The only other 'links in the chain' I could think of were my router and modem. So I re-cycled both of those, and as soon as I re-launched Mail all my emails suddenly arrived in my inbox. Yippeee!!!


I'm sure it won't last though...

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