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Is there an external fault in my area?

We haven't had broadband all day. For 10 hours the modem has gone from green/orange/flashing orange and purple.
On 3 occasions for no more than 1 minute it has been blue but did not allow us to connect to the Internet before turning orange again. I have an engineer visit booked for Friday but the call centre person said there is nothing I can do to fix it before then. They could not confirm if the fault was external or not. Told me to wait until Friday when they promise it will be fixed
is there anything I can do to get it back sooner. I have so much work to do I need a decent connection not just my iPhone mobile data. And my husband runs his business from home which basically means without broadband the business will suffer. 

I have reset the modem at least 4 times today and have left it off for over 20 minutes at times but still nothing 😔

Im on the Bletchley exchange (01908)

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Is there an external fault in my area?

If the problem still exists with the hub connected to the test socket behind the removable faceplate of the master socket with a new filter, the problem is external and will require the engineer to resolve. Do you have dial tone, is the line noisy on the quiet line test on 17070?  If broadband is essential to your business, I would suggest you invest in a business line that has a proper SLA rather than rely on a consumer grade product.

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