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Is this Normal or Malware ? Large amounts of Out Data ?

I was wondering if this is normal I have noticed over the past month a very large amount of data being sent via me when I use Yahoo Mail or Ebay , I am using TCPView , When I just turn the computer on with no internet connect I see : 20 Endpoints  , Estabished 0 , Listening 15 , Time Wait 0 , Close Wait 0


When I connect to the internet I then see Endpoints 47 , Estabished 4 , Listening 15 , Time Wait 0 , Close wait 0 ,


I can connect to Google mail page or Facebook and there is very little change : Endpoints 54 , Estabished 10 , Listening 24 , Time Wait 1 , Close wait 0  .


All seems well untill I conect to Yahoo or Ebay.

connected to any of the above I then get : Endpoints 442 , Estabished 144 , Listening 22 , Time Wait 225 , Close Wait 0 .


I have tried all 3 browsers and its the same on all 3 Firefox ,Chrome and Internet Explorer . I have also tried 4 other computers using OS 7 ,OS 8 and OS 10 all using TCPView v3.05 and its the same .

All computers are using Eset Ver .


Have I caught some type of Malware if so do I have to a total install as I have ran all Malware tools but it still remains the same and only seems to when happen connected to Yahoo or Ebay ?

Many Thanks and hope someone knows if this is normal .


Any thoughts ?


PS its not my router as I have tried 2 others and its still the same . Pic 1 is just connected to Google via Firefox , Pic 2 is Connected to Yahoo or Ebay , Pic 3  is just connected to Google all with just one Tag .Connect with Fire Fox Browser.JPGConnect to BTinternet.JPGConnect to BTinternet.JPG

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