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Is this a possible solution to the many problems that are driving us mad with the new BT Mail?

Current problems posted by increasingly frustrated and annoyed BT Mail users include


- many of the tabs stop working from time to time 

- the cursor always go back to the top instead of the place it was at when you e.g. delete an email (despite having changed the settings)

- only seven emails can be seen

- poor speed, and worst of all imho 

- the constant "Session has Expired" issue.


If you're having any of these problems why not follow the excellent advice (to remove the Preview Pane) given by gg30340 here


I did, and now everything is working like a dream - all of the above problems have gone and, hopefully, will have stay gone. Touch wood.


Try it - and if it works for you, tell gg30340 via this thread!

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