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Is this normal?

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Ive had a mishap wehn doing some D.I.Y in the back bedroom. My internet/phone connection is in my front room. I cut a wire coming in my back bedroom (like a egit) turns out this is where my BT phone line comes into my house.


I go online to the bt hep bit. Get a online chat going & get a enginneer booked. Got told they would charge me 129.99 but seeing as i cut the wire i wasnt to fussed.


Waited in all day for the engineer to arrive - He was a no show. Go back to the live chat they now tell me the fault is external (Im still looking at wires hanging off my wall).After some disscussion they agreed the fault was internal & i got a phone call from someone who sai he was a superviser. He confirmed they got mixed up & they had booked a engineer for today between 08:00 - 13:00. 


Not hearing anything come midday from the engineer i went back online to be told that no engineer was booked.I was told again the fault was external (Im still looking at the mess of wires ive left inside my house) & it now wont get fixed untill the 20th.


I eneded up having to phone them again and request that i needed engineer for a internal visit. They then confirmed that the fault was mine and say they have booked a engineer for Monday (Fingers crossed)


By this stage my blood pressure was through the roof.


Is this normal with BT?

How do i go about claiming the lost ernings i had to endure waiting in for engineers that didnt show?

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Re: Is this normal?

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You can claim £10 for a missed appointment.






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