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Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?



I started out with a reletively simple problem to solve: I wanted to set a bookmark in my browser to enable me to get to BT Mail without having to go throught the laborious MyBT signin/ Email link combination.


So, I start out with the BT Help link after logging in to MyBT. Simple eh! NO!  I get a web form asking for my BT email address (to distinguish between Yahoo and BT I suppose) - so I enter my valid and perfectly working BT email address (ending in and this now gives me a page telling me that they don't recognise my email address!  Bear in mind, I do and can access my email via an email client (Thunderbird) and via the MyBT Email link - all working perfectly.


On the page telling me that my email address isn't recognised, it provides a box spouting about BT Tech Experts and their telephone number - easy eh! NO! The telephone number only gets a response saying the number is no longer in use and giving another telephone number (which leads to BT Help OK, but NOT the BT Tech Experts), and the person there really can't help me with my initial problem anyway.


All of this, then, I find that BT Tech Experts is a charged for service which I do not have a subscription for anyway - the part where I was directed to them SHOULD HAVE SAID I need a subscription for the service (it didn't matter anyway as the Tech Experts telephone number didn't work)


What a stupid amatuerish process from BT!


I went through all of the above with the very polite BT Help person on the phone number I ended up on, and although he says that the issues will be pursued and from past experience with BT, I am very dubious about anything being done about it.


I will post another message here about my original question (bookmarking BT Email)

Regards from Livingston, Scotland
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Re: Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?

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Re: Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?

Hi, I cant beleive the customer service that BT give...NONE...I have been trying since last July to sort out a faulty phone line, my Bt,com email that I have had and used for couple of years  My email has been compromised twice, I am on, which I had years ago!!!!I have changed password 10 times security question about 5 times and still I am on an old Yahoo site that I left years ago... When I say that I am paying for btinternet and have been for couple of years, that my email was on bt,com, even though as you say, a palava ...I worry now about using my email, I dont trust it, and all thay say is, its Yahoo's fault, and its all changing over, (I changed to BT.Com with ID etc.,) WHY do I have to put up with YAHOO email, with messenger!!! which I dont trust???? WHY has it using YAHOO? Im not paying for that...They say, use another email account, such as Hotmail..!!!??? WHAT?  Well email is free (apparently) with broadband internet, from BT, so I dont have to use it...I have all my contacts, doctors, council etc on there,...Am I going mad. I feel like I am...I only get 2.1mb since the big BT change over,, I pay £36.00 a month for phone line and broadband plus all the add ons they put on when they incresed there prices...Cant be right can it?


It took months to get engineer to come and fix phone line, wire was loose and the wiring was very old...twice I had text from someone saying it would take 3/7 days to fix, I didnt see anyone but got a text saying "phone line fixed" well it wasnt...another appointment, didnt see anyone, only a text saying phone line fixed...Had appointment for engineer to come to my home, was told I could be charged £148 something pounds!!!!!! Guess what, he never turned up....

Eventually phone went completely dead, engineer came, OH YES, wiring in BT box had come loose, because it was such an old box!!! GGGGRRRRRRR All this time I had problems with my Broadband connection as well, after months again, they (I found out) that my Hub was broken and OLD HUB 2...They sent me hub 3 fixed phone line, after 7 months...


I cant cancel my disgusting package, I cant use my email...and I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!




Phwoar, sorry about rant 🙂

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Re: Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?

Well it might be instructive to find out what speed your line is theoretically capable of. You can do that with the bt wholesale speedchecker:


Click on Further Diagnostics after running the test and it will tell you what speeds they think you should be capable of.

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Re: Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?

Ive done that and its changed  from the speed they told me I would get when I upgraded...I was going to try infinity, they said speed would be 29 to 75 mb, but they said I would get 14mb...they say and do what they like...


As you can see im not literate, so it makes it harder to explain...


Thanks for your reply.

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Re: Is this the customer service quality that BT really want?

Enter your phone number and see what the estimate is for your line including fibre.

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