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Is this the service I have signed up for?

I recently wanted to change my service provider from Virgin to BT and I placed an order on the 8th October 2016.


Initial instalation date was 28th October.  This date came and went. Lost my telephone line and Broadband as I had already indicated to Virgin this was going to be the cut off date.  Rang BT and was advised that the date of change over was 31st October and that the BT engineer would call me prior to the visit . As this was the following Monday I reluctantly accepted the change.


31st came and went,no phone call, no engineer.  Rang BT who apoligised and had to re-issue my order new dates were set, however they could not expedite anything for at least 24 hours until the order was accepted. 


New order created with a different telephone number!! and a activation date of 15th November. 


Rang again. New activation date set for Monday 7th November.  Unfortunatly due to a major family issue I was not at home. So recalled BT on 8th November. This order was cancelled and another generated. Again had to wait 24 hours before order acceptance.  Rang BT again on Weds 9th November and was told that an engineer would connect my phone on Thursday 10th November.  


Engineer came and connected phone line.  No complaint with the engineer!!!


Rang BT again as turning on the internet I believe would be quite simple.   No joy.


Rang Again Sat 12th November.  NEW Order Created!!. Told Broadband would be switched on Monday 14th November and expect a call to confirm activation.  Monday came and went.


Rang Tuesday 15th November. Now being told that Broadband activation was 17th November!  After this I still have to try and have my original number reallocated!!!


Not Happy as I am a European Support Engineer and are home based.   Have not had the correct phone number or broadband for now 3 weeks.


BT get it sorted!!





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Re: Is this the service I have signed up for?

Hi @Tigger18


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post!


I'm sorry for the delay connecting your broadband.  I understand you've been in touch with us a lot of times to get this sorted out and I appreciate the time you have taken to do this.


Can you send us over your details so that we can take a look at this?  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.





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Re: Is this the service I have signed up for?



Just had the complaints department on.  Just a short call.


Hello this is the complaints dept, your broadband will be connected on the 17th.


Before I could talk or say anything.  Call was terminated.


If I treat my customers this bad!!!!



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Re: Is this the service I have signed up for?

If you want any sort of service guarantee for business use, don't go with cheap residential phone and broadband.


You're at the bottom of the heap if something goes wrong, there's no meaningful service guarantee, and only minimal compensation if something goes wrong.

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