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Issue after issue after issue!

I moved from up north down to sunny Newquay no more than 3 weeks ago. The move was pretty stress free and then i decided to sign up for BT broadband. it was like throwing a brick inside my washing machine at full spin. I have never been more stressed, let down or annoyed all at once.

17 Jun - i signed up for fibre infinity 2 having shopped around on and was offered a 76 Mb/s connection with TV and phone line. I signed up online which was easy and i was informed that my TV and broadband would be activated on 22 Jun and i would receive either an email or text saying that it had been activated.

I received my TV box and home hub and got them ready for when my broadband would be activated.

22 jun - i literally waited all day (up until 0030 hrs the next day) for it to be activated. I received no text / email stating it had been activated, nor why it hadnt been activated.

23 Jun - i phoned them in the morning (on the phone for an hour, mostly on hold with the wrong department) before being cut off whilst being transferred. I phoned again (another hour long call, mostly on hold) and was informed that they had an issue remotely connecting the phone line and that an engineer would need to be booked. It took a further 20 minutes to book an engineer, who was booked for 5 Jul when i returned from holiday. I am pretty confident in saying that if i had not called bt to find out what the issue was, i would not have been contacted regarding it.

5 hours later i received a call from one of the thousands of departments of BT, the name of which i dont remember saying that the operator who booked my engineer had actually booked it for 11 Jul and not 5 jul (baring in mind it took him 20 minutes to make this appointment) even though the notes for the appointment stated the 5 Jul. The man on the phone was helpful and said he would try and get the issue rectified and that he would contact me later in the day. He also started a complaint regarding this on my behalf.

So later in the day came, in fact the next day came and i still had not heard anything regarding the mis-booking of the engineer. Again i had to call BT in order to chase the issue up. He useless automated system put me through to the wrong department as usual so i spent a lot of the call on hold (shock). I was told by the operator that nothing could be done about the issue and i would have to wait until 11 jul to get it sorted. Another week without broadband. Another unhelpful customer services operator.

In my infuriated state i decided then and there to cancel my service before it had even started, based on the lack of customer care i had received, how furious i was at the time and my intentions to go with another ISP, remembering seeing other offers for similar connection speeds on

My eyes must have deceived me, as when i checked for the second time, the only other connection i could get was 17mb/s max. Only BT offered fibre broadband. BT had me by the balls, and they probably knew this as well.

I phoned bt back, tail between my legs, and spoke to an operator who clearly knew what he was talking about... I asked if i could stop the cancellation. He said yea. He confirmed that the order would no longer be cancelled and the engineer was still booked for 11 Jul. Happy days (sort of).

About 3 hours later i received an email confirming my cancellation. Great. Another hour on the phone to BT. This time i was told "i dont know why you were told you could stop the cancellation, because once it has been done, there is no going back". Great news right?... I hope your enjoying the sarcasm. I asked if i could place a new order but i was told it would take 24 hours for the account to be closed before i could make a new order.

48 hours later (im now on holiday at this point) i phoned the orders team (probably) and they told me that because i had a complaint ongoing The account was still active and i couldnt make a new order. This was because of the ongoing complaint and it wouldnt be closed down until the complaint was resolved. I was also told that i was to receive a call between 0900 and 2000 hrs on 6 Jul when i would be told about the outcome of my complaint and that it would then be finished and i could make a new order the following day. I also received a bill for £34 whilst on holiday, payment for services i had not received. The cheek of it. Anyway. Got a refund. Even got my hub p&p refunded (bonus).

6 Jun - you must know where this is going by now right? About 1600 hrs (ish), i still had not heard from BT. Who'd have thought eh? So i gave them a call and was told to wait till i received a call which would be before 2000 hrs that day. 1955 hrs, still nothing. I know right, thats not like Bt at all! 2010 hrs i got on live chat with someone from FTTC (my complaint was being dealt with by FTTP but they were unavailable, at the time i had no idea what either of these departments did/were). The guy on chat was as helpful as he could be. He stated that he could not help me wih my complaint but he would make the complaint open so my account could be closed (why this wasnt done earlier i dont know, turns out this didnt work any way, read on for furthter details on this. It really is worth it...) and finally close down my account so i could make another order straight away.

So i phoned up the orders team as one does and the guy on the phone said that after checking the system i could only get up to 11 mb/s and could not get bt infinity even though thats what i had previously ordered. He said it may be because of the street box (is that its name?) being at full capacity, but he couldnt really give any other explanation. Probably wasnt any other prompt to read on screen. He gave the standard scripted apologies (he could do with working on his acting skills) and pretty much left it at that. Very helpful.

Unable to go to bed without confirming this, i got back on the live chat. The operator informed me that i had FTTP capability and could get up to 300mb/s. I was not aware of this up until this point. But it would explain the open reach modem stuck on the wall, which i was told by Bt when trying to set up my equipment i didnt need to bother with (this was here when i moved in). I confirmed on the bt openreach website that my house was Fibre compatible and BT's speed checker, which confirmed i could get 300 mb/s. I had to wait until the morning before i could call FTTP.

7 jul - morning came, phoned up FTTP and explained the situation and asked for an update on the complaint. Bless the operator but he could hardly speak. despite being british (from what i could tell). He pretty much told me that the complaint was still ongoing but that nothing would really come of if, just that it would be passed to management for a review and they would make sure it would not happen again (having looked through the forums, i can only assume these complaints go straight in to the shredder). i asked him if he could make a new order for me for the infinity 3 package (200mb/s) and he told me that my account still had active assets that would need to be cancelled (wait, did i not do this TWO WEEKS AGO? I definitely got a refund for it).

I was not suprised in the slightest. The level of competence i had been subjected to up until this point by Bt customer services equalled that of what i would expect from my dog, whom i have to tell to go for a "wee wee" outside otherwise she will **bleep** on my carpet.

So any way back to the story, sorry to put you on hold there (bad pun, i know), i was told i could set up a new account whilst a waited another 24 hours for the current one to be closed, so i could place a new order. Was put through to someone who could sort me an order for FTTP. Tried to place the order and once again i was informed that i could only get 11 mb/s. The operator said it might be because the old account was still technically active and may be stopping me from taking out more fibre broadband. She said to call back later in the afternoon when the acount would hopefully have been closed.

So i did. Phoned back and spoke with someone who did actually know what he was talking about. Who'd have thought. He checked. Again 11 mb/s. He ran some tests and still 11 mb/s. He confirmed on open reach that i was in a fibre enabled area and that my open reach modem was active. However when he checked this on his system at Bt, he could not locate the open reach modem and it still said i could get 11 mb/s. He checked and there wasnt a capacity issue at the street box (sorry) and told me he would have to pass the issue to (some other sub-department, i forget) for them to locate and fix the issue. This could take a further 10 working days, probably even more. He said i would receive a call when the issue had been resolved (i laughed at this). He said leave it at least 15 working days, if i dont hear anything by then give the FTTP team a call to chase up.

All in all i have had the most horrendous and stressful experience when trying to obtain services provided by what you would believe to be a well established company. I used to be with sky. Had no issues what so ever with them, other than their hub being dog **bleep** and the wifi signal being weaker than BT's customer services.

If your still reading at this point, i was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar issues and would be able to give me any advice on how i may be able to get his resolved faster?

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Issue after issue after issue!

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

This will tell you what is actually available.


I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Issue after issue after issue!

WBC FTTP: downstream Line rate - up to 330,
upstream line rate - up to 30

WBC FTTP Availability date: available

WBC ADSL 2+: downstream line rate: up to 7
Upstream line rate: --
Downstream range: 4.5 - 11
Availability date: available

WBC ADSL 2+ Annex M: downstream line rate: up to 7
Upstream line rate: up to 1
Downstream range: 4.5 -11
Availability date: available

ADSL Max: downstream line rate: up to 5.5
Upstream line rate: --
Downstream range: 4 - 8
Availabilty date: available

WBC fixed rate and fixed rate: downstream line rate: 2
Upstream line rate: --
Downstream range: --

Availability date: available

These results were ontained using my address and not my phone number. The phone number i had with bt does not yeild any results.

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Re: Issue after issue after issue!

I could do one of two things. Agree with you wholeheartedly or recount my recent issue that would take just as much verbiage. I'm too exhausted so I think I will just agree! I'll leave with two thoughts just to bring you out in a cold sweat. Indian call centre and please hold whilst I transfer you.....To an Indian call centre. Now where did I put my valium. The nice man in the white coat said I should recover...eventually!!!
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Re: Issue after issue after issue!

😂😂 his has at least cheered me up a bit if nothing else.
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