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Issue with torrents



Firts off i'd like to say what a really good service ive had with infinity 🙂


My problem is that up untill recently my torrents have been downlaoding very fast. Almost all of the time without issue but recently i changed my hdd to a ssd and now i cant seem to get anywhere near the speeds.  I was for example getting around 4 mbps but now i cant seem to get more than 500k ive tried on my laptop and its the same all normal downloads are great just torrents.


Ive made sure all setting are correct in utorrent and im picking torrents with high seeds and low leach. is there a way to see if my p2p speeds are being slowed?

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Re: Issue with torrents

p2p torrents are managed during peak times and all weekend.  there are numerous posts on this subject

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Re: Issue with torrents

BT specifically say in their usage policy that P2P communications will be throttled.

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Re: Issue with torrents

Torrenting is now a bit of a dead-loss with BT and many other ISPs who now throttle traffic throughout much of the day. I now use a seedbox for all my torrents. You could also try Usenet which offers direct download of files.

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