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Issues ordering with 2 phone lines on one account.

After being on the phone for half an hour on Friday the woman seemed to understand everything but we got no confirmation message so I called again today and after spending an hour on the phone was told to call back tommorow.. Not getting my hopes up of it working.


The lady didn't seem to really know how to place orders when we had 2 diffrent phone lines on the same account.


Currently we have 2 phone lines, one without broadband and one on BT Broadband "Upto 8Mbps" and recently Infinity became available in the area. We want to get Infinity setup on the line that has no connection and once it is up and running cancel the current Broadband and the phone line it is on. I understand this will incur a £30 fee to remove the broadband (not sure if theres a further fee to cancel the phone line, the lady didn't mention one though).


On Friday the lady we talked to also said we would have to pay extra to keep the current call plan with Infinity doing this method but the lady I talked to today didn't mention it.


The forum mods are pretty good on here so I was hoping they could sort it out as I'm starting to lose hope..

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Re: Issues ordering with 2 phone lines on one account.

Hi Morgen,

If you fill out the contact us form located in the about me section of my profile we can take a look at this for you.
BT Mod Team.
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Re: Issues ordering with 2 phone lines on one account.

Done, i'll wait for you guys to contact me.
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Re: Issues ordering with 2 phone lines on one account.

After spending about an hour on the phone today it seems we got it sorted out.


Apparently you can't have 2 broadband packages on one account even with 2 phone lines so we had to get a seperate account setup just for the Infinity broadband. Once we cancel the old broadband though apparently we can merge it together and the price will go from £30 down to £26.


We wasn't given the account number for the new account but I assume it wont be an issue when the time comes to merge the accounts (however we do that I'm not quite sure).


But we got the confirmation email so I assume everything is okay... The Openreach engineer will be coming a week later than the original date we had planned but it will do I suppose.



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