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Issues with Fibre since firmware update to SG4B1000E020


I have been having trouble with my connection for a few weeks, restarted the router by accessing it via browser and noticed it had a firmware update to SG4B1000E020 on the 23rd March. It's around this time issues started. 

I have trouble streaming via Netflix, and other means, and PS4 gaming has got much worse, as if I am lagging a lot. Both devices are wired, only one on at a time. Separate ethernet ports/cables. gives decent results of around 74mb download and 19mb upload which is what I'd expect with 9ms ping and jitter of 0.26. 

I did a reset of the fibre modem and router as per the BT troubleshooter and now the router has "forgotten" one of my devices, it's not displaying info for the PS4 even though it is displaying info for another device currently not connected,  the firewall rules/port forwards for the PS4 do still exist but it's removed it from the DMZ option. 

Is there an issue with this firmware? 

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