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Issues with accessing my own domain.

Hello everyone,

I have my own domain, the server of which provides my webpage (updated every few mins automatically via FTP) and my email accounts.

A very annoying issue has cropped up where I suddenly lose access to my entire domain from my home connection. 
I know it's not my hosting company, because I can still connect using my mobile using mobile data, and if I ask my friends, they can still access my website.
I, however, cannot..  my FTP also fails as does fetching of email.

It is fine most of the time... it just suddenly fails.

It is definitely a problem with my BT connection. But.. all other webpages load absolutely fine.

Rebooting my BT router solves the problem, though it may take 2-3 attempts to do so. It's annoying as it takes 5 mins for the router to start up and reconnect every time (is this normal?!)

This only started happening a few months ago but it's every other morning now. Seems to start failing mid-evening on most occasions.

I can't yet bring myself to phone BT support as I know I will likely only get a script monkey who will not understand my problem.

Can anyone give me any pointers? Could it be something that e.g. updating the firmware in the router might fix?

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Re: Issues with accessing my own domain.

Just to add.. this affects ALL machines on my network, so I am convinced that the issue is with my router.
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Re: Issues with accessing my own domain.

Try ONE factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This can often sort out problems.

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Re: Issues with accessing my own domain.

Your web host is blocking your BT connections IP address. When you access your site from your phone, you will have a different IP. Rebooting your router will result in BT giving you a new IP address.

You need to speak to your host, next time it happens ask them why they have blocked your home IP address, I expect it will be as a result of the frequent FTP traffic along with regular web requests exceeding what is normal (basically your host thinks your a hacker, trying to attack your own site)

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Re: Issues with accessing my own domain.

I forgot to mention, I experience the same thing myself when managing my own sites, my host has a facility where I can unblock my IP myself from my phone or another connection.

Your host might be able to relax the sensitivity to this trigger however so that would be a good1st request of them

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