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It has now been 8 days without a phone line

Hi all,


It has now been 8 days since I've had a working phone line.


An engineer visited a couple of times over a 4 day period and said he had located the problem. He left 4 days ago and nothing has been done since and I've had no correspondence from BT and still no working phone.


It isn't just affecting me but also many other households in my vicinity. I would have thought they would have prioritised this fault, especially as there are several vulnerable OAP's affected and we're in quite a rural location.


Does anyone have any advice on how to get this escalated to someone who has some authority and could perhaps give the technical support team a kick up the butt ?


Many thanks for any help



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Re: It has now been 8 days without a phone line

The network is provided and maintained by Openreach not BT retail your provider if there are many people suffering from the same problem then it is obviously a major network problem and it will take a longer repair time then normal there have been a lot of cable thefts across the UK you may well be suffering from one of those problems have you checked the fault checker in your MY BT for a progress report
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