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It's been over a month and still no service



I am so frustrated. My service was supposed to be activated on the 17th August. There were problems with the line. New dates given - nothing happened. Sorry something did happen - BT took money out of my account for something I do not have. They won't give it back until my line is activated and then it will be a credit against my account.  Surely they should give my money back ? It's not a lot but the principle of them taking money that they haven't earnt - feels like theft. I was escalated to the highest level - still no service. Finally told 16th September it would all go live.. Nothing happened. Telephoned - promised a call back on the 18th. Guess what ? Nothing happened. I have sent two emails via My BT. Guess what - you're right - nothing happened. Been told I will get a phone call today. Been in all day ............still waiting.




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Re: It's been over a month and still no service



Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum I'm really sorry to hear of the problems that you have had with your order.

Your best bet would be to contact our order team and allow them the chance to put things right. I will drop you a private message now which will include the link to our order team whereby you can online chat with them. This order team is based in the UK and will own your complaint until everything is sorted out.

Should you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.



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Re: It's been over a month and still no service

  1. Just an update, despite contacting the order team, the saga goes on......(apologies for the length of this post)


Finally on the 19th of OCTOBER I get a BT phone line installed. Only 2 months late. Seemed promising but the engineer couldn't connect to broadband.....made some excuse that it needed to be done at the exchange as it was infinity and would probably happen in a few days then he left.  After I chased BT for connection  I finally got infinity on the 4th November. More than a few days !


All good you think but they were supposed to transfer my Virgin telephone number over but didn't. So I am now paying for two lines. Yet another phone call from myself and I was promised that the phone number would be transferred by this Monday (9th Nov) but have just got a text update saying the date is now the 18th. So I am being billed twice due to BT's incompetence.


The next issue is that BT have backdated my broadband and TV package incorrectly to the 28th September ( yes ... September .....just a completely random date that they have plucked from thin air) so they then take £100 out of my account on the 1st November, this is on top of the original £20 they debited previously.


When I queried this I was told it would be corrected but as usual not actually refunded in cash. Just a credit against my account. So BT get to hold onto my money and I can't do anything about it. How can that be right ?


Finally to top it all I get told quite bluntly that my monthly payment has gone up. Between placing the order and activation BT have raised their prices. However I have never been advised of this increase as at the time of the increase  my order was in limbo.  Are they allowed to do this without advising the customer ?


Promised a phone call yesterday but as usual it didn't happen. No missed calls.


The contact in England is losing patience with me. His attitude was very much that he couldn't see why I was making a fuss over the bill. There are also issues with a cash back site and a Sainsbury's gift card to be resolved. Without those offers being honoured I will be paying way over the odds as a new customer. However the cash back site have been very helpful so hoping that will be resolved without issue.


Some empathy from the call centres overseas and here would go a long way. I have no way to contact the same person with the complaint so get passed pillar to post and then because of this there are further delays in resolving the issues.


I am not sure if BT fully understand the stress this type of thing causes. It is like banging your head against a brick wall. They really need to sort out their complaints procedures.  







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Re: It's been over a month and still no service



Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry this hasn't been sorted yet. I can see it's being case managed and have asked the case handler to give you a call today.





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