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Re: January 2021 Price Increases

Contracts started before September 2020 will be CPI which is 0.6%
Contracts started after September 2020 will be CPI+3.9% which is 4.5%

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Re: January 2021 Price Increases

Thank you very helpful.

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Re: January 2021 Price Increases

I've just received 2 emails stating that my bt mobile and land line will be increasing to 4.5%. 

I was also under the impression that I wouldn't get charged the additional 3.9% owing to the fact my contracts are pre 2019. There are still some mixed messages out there, here is an article from money saving expert.


according to them, customers who signed up between 11 Jan 2019 through to 31 August 2020 may  not have to pay the 3.9%. Customers before and after will! If Ive understood this correctly?

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