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Just about fed up..!

Had infinity for over a month now and in 5 weeks, we have had 5 different engineers out. Our IP profile is set at 11mb which is terrible. It started at 22 but drops. It's been reset twice and drops cause of excessive errors. Were about 500m from the cabinet and it travels over aluminium cabling. BT have now told us there is nothing more that we can do and as a result have been told to appreciate the 11MB which is pathetic. We've gone from having free talktalk which was giving us 8mb to paying £30 for 3 more mb. If anyone could advise me I would be greatful as apparently it's not "financially viable" for BT to bother helping me..!
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Re: Just about fed up..!

If you have alu cabling, there probably isn't much that can be done unfortunately. If you're not getting the speeds you were quoted at the point of sale you will be able to cancel without penalties.

The cost of replacing the cabling can easily reach into the 10's of thousands, and that's why Openreach deem it not financially viable as it would take hundreds of years for them to break even. They're a business at the end of the day my friend.
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Re: Just about fed up..!

Unfortuatly unless there are any spare copper pairs available in your area that could be used there is nothing that can be done there are many users on aluminium pairs across the country you are certainly not alone with this problem
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