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Just got Full Fibre 900

Hi all. 

i have just upgraded from the 300 to the 900. Since having FFTP on the 300 package never had an issue! Consistently 300 down 50 up.  So i thought id go 900.

Now they estimated 910 down, 150 up, and tests on my phone on the okla speedtest app over WIFI gives me anything from 20 - 560 down to 40 - 116.  As unreliable as usual, on my old hub id just manually switch to 5g channel and get the 300 d and 50up every time. Cant do that on smart hub 2, which is weird, not that smart i guess. 
wired tests seems to be giving me approx 890 down - 115 up. 


anyway more to the point when i went into hub manager and did speedtest BT mentioned i was not getting speeds promised and they are sending an engineer. Our zoom meeting tonight was cutting out, my xbox is lagging, my cctv is lagging etc, i had to go to wired on zoom - and i was 3ft from a router that was recording Wifi speeds of 290 down 90 up, at the time? and it still was not great wired . 

although hugely variable these are still speeds that you would never expect these types of issues from, and my wired connections are around what they promised, so i don't understand whats happening? My speedtest with BT seemed to flag a fault but I'm just so gutted i went for the upgrade i never in a million years expected to be having speed issues ever again.  
does anyone know what may be happening. Why are my systems at home struggling with such apparent still high speeds? 

anyway hopefully that makes sense in some way. Thanks in advance for any help you could  give 


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Re: Just got Full Fibre 900

The expected upload speed is 110 not 150.

If you get the 910/110 wired then I don't see how any further problems can be BT related. WiFi fundamentally has not kept up with faster Broadband. The Smart Hub 2 tops out at 300 down for most people. I have a pair of AX routers just doing point to point WiFi for my home office and even that I can't get past 840 peak and 750 typical.

But I haven't had any issues whatsoever in reliability of zoom, video services, music services etc. And if you are getting reliable wired speed tests then it can only be your router struggling with managing increased throughput or BT struggling with their Backhaul due to Covid for certain routes/parts of the country 

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Re: Just got Full Fibre 900

Thanks for the reply, yeah i get that Wifi is unreliable - but why, with a more powerful hub with more speed going through it are now all my connections struggling? 

Forgive me as i dont know how it all works - and I'm not very technical. But why would a wired connection to my brand new smart hub 2 last night on Zoom see us keep getting kicked out with “your internet is unstable” messages. I did an instant speed test when this happened , cant remember exact numbers but it was 800 d / 100 up approx? 

ah well i guess theres something that my testing is not picking up as the hub test flagged a fault and engineer coming tomorrow to fix it. Just thought id see if anyone more technical than me may know. Hopefully they just need to do something at the exchange to stabilise it

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Re: Just got Full Fibre 900

Part of the issue may be the Smart Hub 2 itself not being able to cope with the throughput. I have done some tests with downloading sustained controlled amounts of data, 750 Mbits split over 12 separate connections.  While doing this I tried to use WiFi to read email. It was timing out and being unreliable and slow even though there was bandwidth to spare. I then tried 500 Mbits and things became more stable. 


Afaik BT were meant to have new  routers for the launch of the Fibre 900 service.  I dont know if Covid 19 caused issues with supply or something else. But from my testing the router is underpowered. If you are just doing a single thing downloading full throttle it seems able to cope however. 

If you can get 800 Mbit download at the time Zoom is struggling then its either that router or BTs backhaul. I wonder what tripped the fault though!!

Do a test where WiFi is switched off and the only thing happening is your Zoom over wired and see if that stabilised things. If it does it adds more to the router being the culprit.