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Kelly Group - Openreach Trainee Engineer

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Hi guys and girls , 

i have a couple of questions on Kelly Group /  Kelly Communications. Ideally my goal is to become a Openreach Engineer, and I applied for the Openreach Engineer trainee position locally to me. I have passed the video assessment and am awaiting times and dates for the training course. ( I also applied last June and got to this stage but had to find another job due to 3 months with no dates or time ) But I have also had a offer to work self employed with Kelly Group / Kelly Communications , have been promised £100/£150 per day depending on job completion. And training with them starts on March 4th , I was just wondering if anyone has worked with Kelly before ? What was it like ? Like pay/hours ? Because my online research suggest there awful to work for? But you can’t belive everything you read on the internet, so just wondering if you guys and gals have any good info? Do I wait for the BT position or do I go for Kelly and be contracted to BT but self employed ? 

Thanks everyone


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Re: Kelly Group - Openreach Trainee Engineer

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This is a BT Retail forum, not Openreach.


There is a lot more information.

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