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LG G3 (Android) and Smart Hub going through a nasty divorce.

I note from elsewhere in this forum that all is not well with the Smart Hub but can't find any specific guidance (that I can understand) that might help here.



  • LG G3 android phone suddenly refuses to connect to Smart Hub after a few months in an entriely happy relationship. 
  • More accurately...wi-fi signal is strong but "Internet Unavailable".
  • No other devices affected (inc. other LG phone running same version of Android)
  • No recent software / firmware updates to either the phone or router (unless installed by stealth).
  • Using wifi repeater (repeating Smart Hub signal but with different SSID) 'solves' the problem when I connect to that new SSID.
  • Have tried resetting phone, router and forcing phone to forget connection... no change.
  • Have tried using different channels on the Smart hub... no change.


Any guidance gratefully received. Guidance that doesn't assume any siginificant understanding of networking protocols even more gratefully received 🙂 Happy to provide any additional information that may help someone smarter than I am to troubleshoot.


Thanks in advance,



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