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LLUMS CASE - 7 weeks without a connection

I moved into my new property on 12th December, despite ordering and arranging transfer of service from my old property to new well in advance, BT messed up with respect to the engineer appointments and I had to 're-order' my fibre the following dead. Begrudgingly I did and was told I'd have to wait till 31st December for connection. Annoying but okay, whatever.

31 December comes, engineer (contractor) fiddles around with the socket and says I'm off to the cabinet to connect you, then you'll be good to go. Comes back a bit later rather sheepishly tells me something like the fibre ports are no good and he'll have to open a new job - it wont be sorted today he tells me, but it will be within  a few days.

I ring BT after a few days of nothing, they tell me there is a capacity issue and to check back on 31st Jan. They offer nothing further by way of an explanation.

Mid Jan an Openreach engineer calls me saying he's at the property, I let him know what happened last time, he goes to the cabinet and comes back to confirm that the fibre ports are no good and we need to raise a LLUMS case - should be 'sorted' within a 'few days'.

Again, a few days have been and gone and nothing - what the hell is going on here, BT are basically ignoring the complaint.

Can anyone help/provide any guidance? I seem to be in a black hole here with no way of knowing whats going on.

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Re: LLUMS CASE - 7 weeks without a connection

ever heard of LLUMS, I wonder if @Starwire  has any idea what it is? I suspect though it is a case of no spare ports.

edit: As I thought, no spare ports.

"Local Loop Unbundling Management System

Openreach uses a system called LLUMS primarily to monitor and report on the installation of each cabinet, known with Openreach as a DSLAM. LLUMS is also used to monitor the customer growth and trigger the addition of further cards. LLUMS is therefore always kept up to date with the number of cards installed in each cabinet. These are the natural building blocks as the cabinet is loaded with additional customers over time. "

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