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Lag spikes / packet loss (gaming)

Hi, i've recently joined BT (a few months now ) and i have been having an issue with lag spikes / packet loss in games to the point where it makes a lot of online games a struggle / frustrating to play i noticed that im not alone with this issue either on forums i've seen that some people have managed to get a solution / fix from mods etc would it be possible to get some help with this , will provide the information necessary what ever it is thats needed .

I've tried cabled and wifi on both pc and console and i have the same issue, the net is used by 2 users and we both have this issue throughout any time of day even when there is only one thing using it be it console or pc 


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Re: Lag spikes / packet loss (gaming)

Hi I have the same problem haven’t fixed it yet but looking into it I have found a method that can work for some people. If you have bt phone you can dial 17070 and select 2 if there is any noise on the line or you don’t get a dial tone report a noisy line but don’t mention the broadband otherwise it takes much longer to be fix. hope this helps

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Re: Lag spikes / packet loss (gaming)

don't have a phone so can't do that 😞 

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Re: Lag spikes / packet loss (gaming)

anyone with some ideas... ?

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Re: Lag spikes / packet loss (gaming)

All depends on your home setup and the following:

  • Are you on ADSL (using a phone line) or full fibre?
  • Have you ever restarted your router?
  • Have you run a speed test via your router?
  • Have you pressed the reset button on the router?
  • Which router are you using?

Other factors would include the connectivity in your area, the connectivity in your home, your console and PC, other equipment you are using to get online.

Last case scenario is to book an engineer to check your cabling and connection at the exchange (green cabinet) outside your house


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