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Landline Call Charges

We make a lot of calls to mobiles through our landline. We have the anytime calls which makes the calls half price to mobiles but it still racks up because of the 23p connection charge. Why is it so expensive? Can we get a package which allows a set amount of calls to mobiles? I don’t understand why it is so expensive. Yes I know we have mobiles but there is barely any phone signal and Wi-fi calling doesn’t work that well.

it will end up to expensive for us

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Re: Landline Call Charges

Hi @duncanleetedds 

Are your own mobiles with BT? If they are then one option is to contact BT and ask for a Signal Assist unit. It uses your internet connection to generate a 3G signal up to 15 metres. It's better than wifi calling in my opinion.

I'm afraid I don't know what landline calling plans are available with BT, but as nearly all mobile plans have unlimited minutes, I would think that the Signal Assist unit will be the cheaper option.

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