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Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

The line has tested OK. I have two different telephones and tried them both in the master socket. Incoming calls don't ring on either and the answer machine doesn't come on. I have checked all settings and replaced the battery. I can call out and if I call in on my mobile, so know there is an incoming call, I can pick it up and hear. Callers hear the phone rining but it does not go to answer machine anymore when the call is not picked up. One phone has a light which used to flash brightly when a call came in, now it just flickers dimly but not enough to alert me unless I am actually looking at it! 

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Re: Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

Hi greenfern,


I'll be happy to help you out with this and get it sorted out.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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Re: Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

I have just descovered that my phone has stopped ringing as well, for some reason it appears as a missed call on the handsets and due to the nature of the cordless phone I have it does't allow me to pick-up unless I dial a number out. My broadband works fine, I can call out no problem, however when I ring the landline with my mobile it rings out and doesn't go to answerphone. Can soemone help with this, the only changes I have made I can think of is that I have bought a  Netgear range extender for the broadband which is working fine and added caller display feature onto my package? I have removed all the phones/filters from the sockets and connected one of the old phones into the socket to find it doesn't ring either. My next step is to get a corded phone to try.

I don't have a typical BT master socket, I just have an old fasion junction box and british telecom square sockets (5). I have contacted BT to find that the line is testing fine, but before I get an engineer and waste any more time, I'd like some guidance?

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Re: Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

Hi as long as you have unplugged everything from every socket (ADSL filters, sky TV, answering machines, extension cords) and try a known working phone into the 1st incoming socket (or what you believe is) there is nothing else you can do with the setup of sockets you have.

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Re: Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

Is this a BT engineer job if the phone doesn't ring? And will it cost me?

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Re: Landline doesn't ring and calls don't go to voicemail

if the fault is on your equipment or your extensions the charge is 130.00
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