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Landline necesity

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Using Fibre 1 - 50mbs FTTP 

Thinking about upgrading but have no use for my landline which is part of the existing package. The necessity for a landline is it appears nil .. must be as the dogs chewed my phone cable 3months ago with no effect on anything except my phone. No bother .. never use it anyway.
As BT bill me a combined total at present i.e. landline and fibre1, can I upgrade the broadband part and drop the landline. If so do the same deals still apply .. or are they likely to get stroppy with me and insist on an unused line being part of the deal .. a totally illogical position to adopt when FTTP consists of a fibre cable direct to hub and a separate old fashioned telephone cable going to the phone, with no connection between the two. On installation of fibre I was told that "soon" the landline would make use of the fibre cable doing away with the old style connection, but that has not happened so as I see it there is no argument, landline and fibre are separate and therefore should not be combined in any package. Am I right???

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Re: Landline necesity

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Whichever package you are on, part of the cost is maintaining the line itself, whether its copper or fibre, that is the line rental part of the cost, which has a landline number associated with it, whether you use it or not. That is how your circuit is identified on all of the records and its not possible to remove that part.

There are no standing charges for calls, they are now PAYG, unless you add a separate calls package.

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Re: Landline necesity

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Right ... understood
Thanks for that clarification. I can now safely assume that the charge for line maintenance will at least be constant,
Appreciate your time
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