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Landline not working

Came home from hoiday and the display on my land line phone says' check phoneline' when I picked up my phone there was no dialling tone. In fact there is no sound at all. I checked on line and there seemed to be no problem. I then checked YouTube etc. I have unscrewed the boX,  taken the top off and plugged the phone into the test socket. Still not working. Plugged the broadband into the test socket and it stopped working immediately. I ha e ru g BT and they say if the problem is my wiring or equipment there will  e a charge of 130.00. Is it my wiring or BT line?

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Re: Landline not working

It's unclear , is the broadband working when the master socket is assembled ?, 

With a NTE5 type master socket , the lower section is removable and exposes the test port, and extension wiring should be connected to the removable panel, and when disassembled, the extensions are disconnected from the 'line' your master wired in this conventional way ?

Broadband will work ( albeit slowly) over 1 leg for the pair of wires that connect your house to the exchange, telephony needs both wires connected, if your master socket is wired properly , and there is no dialtone at the test port, the 'problem' should be Openreach's responsibility to fix ( OR asked to look at it by your provider BT) , probably 'dis 1 leg' .

What makes no sense is if your broadband works with the socket assembled , but not in the test port, this could mean your master isn't wired properly, or what you think of as the 'master' isn't the master socket at all, how many phone sockets do you have, and can you identify which socket is the first one connected to the 'line' as it enters the property

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