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Landlines charges for calls not made

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I have in recent times noticed I am being charged for calls I have not made because I do not have a landline telephone.I have been able to get charges refunded by BT.In my last bill,I again noticed charges to calls I could not have made.Having checked the calls they were to Time clock 123 and some two questionable local numbers for a few seconds.I complained and it seems no one at BT believe me. The question is why would I phone a time line when I have a mobile that shows the time?BT are suggesting putting a free bar on my landline for a month and to start paying for their service despite not having landline telephone attached after that time.I am to say the least,**bleep** off with BT for suggesting I am being dishonest and seemingly refusing to listen to me.The amounts involved are not huge but that is not the point.It is in BT’s interest to turn a deaf ear to my complaints as they are making money unjustifiably from customers.
Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so,was it ever resolved?If so, how?Any suggestions as to how I could stop being unnecessarily charged?
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Re: Landlines charges for calls not made

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Welcome to this user forum.

Its possible your line is crossed with another. If you can plug a phone into the socket, and dial 17070, you will get an announcement telling you your phone number.

Check this against the phone number shown on your bill, to make sure its the same.

If its not, then make a note of the number you get, and let BT know, so they can investigate.

That is the only way to prove it. A cheap wired phone cost less that £10.

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Re: Landlines charges for calls not made

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Im really interested to know how this was resolved. I am having the same issue on my line and not having much luck in understanding why it’s happening….

Any help appreciated.



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