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Re: Laptop not connecting wirelessly

Thanks for the interest.


The answers in order:


1 Most definitely! I can connect to an unsecured network (BTWiFi)

2 On the "Choose a wireless network" page, I get the choice of connecting to the hub network, which I select, and am asked for the key. After entering this, it tries to connect, but then just goes back to the "Choose a wireless network" page without any error message at all.

3 Yes - connecting to an unsecured BTWiFworks fine

4 I'm not sure how to do this. I don't seem to have the "Network and Sharing" utility.

6. Yes - it works fine when it's connected directly via an ethernet cable

7. As far as I'm aware I haven't updated anything recently - XP is no longer supported.


Is that any help?


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Re: Laptop not connecting wirelessly

I should have asked what operating system. If you are using XP it will probably be the same as the other poster on this thread. it won't support the wireless security on the Homehub and you will need to either downgrade the hubs security, buy a wireless dongle or as imjolly has suggested, try and update the wireless card drivers via the card manufacturer's website.


EDIT: Confusion reigns, why people shouldn't jump on others threads: I thought it was the other poster answering the questions I asked.

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Re: Laptop not connecting wirelessly

I've managed to fix my issue and it was as simple as right clicking on my home hub and choose forget network. I then re-connect and put in wireless key and connected fine.

This was odd because I could connect to another hun and devices , had reset hub, rebooted laptop several times and couldn't get it to work.

As soon as I forgot network then reconnected it was working.
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Re: Laptop not connecting wirelessly

@Deezzaa wrote:

I think you may be onto something here. HH5 is definitely WPA2, but I ony get the options WPA and WPA-PSK for network authentication on the laptop.

Does this mean I can't use the wireless adapter with HH5?

As others have said, simplest option is to change hub security to WPA-PSK.

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