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Latency spikes

Hi i have just created an account on here as i have been having issues with my broadband since doing a line take over which was swapping the account to my partner. since doing this we have had nothing but issues with the broadband and having lag spikes / latency spikes. we use to be able to have the tv streaming a programme a laptop on and the PS4. now if anything is connected to the internet the PS4 doesnt work without constant lag spikes. I have been through the phone service a number of times and i have had three engineers out to the house and nothing seems to have got rid of the issue. please can i get some advice as i am getting nowhere with the support via the phone. the most frustrating thing is the fact that apart from the new tv box and broadband box nothing has changed within the house, the tv is in the same place the router / tv box / laptops / pS4 but since the line takeover we have had all these issues. please can someone help. 




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Re: Latency spikes

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