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Latest Bill and changing payments online

So I've just received my latest bill from BT which shows £47 credit from last bill and a new debit of £75 (for the bill up to 12 Jan 13).


Yet on my account it now says


Even though your monthly payments don't quite cover your charges, we'll still only take £60.50 on or just after the 1st day of each month.


But as I'm cancelling BT Vision when the contract ends (as in my opinion it's nowhere near what it was like when I joined in Jan 12 - they've lost contracts with suppliers and thus why loads of movies were pulled, films stopped being added on regular basis (and was supposed to have been sorted by end of September), based on what they advertised and even now they still advertise over 200 films when in reality it's not the case as most are duplicated in HD format and the classic users are missing 20% of films that are on the new service), the online billing section wouldn't let me reduce the £60.50 to what I wanted to change it to, so I had to pay for the £75 debit by debit card.


Then when I tried to reduce the amount online it still wouldn't let me put in what I wanted to pay (monthly charges - bt vision service + allowance for calls) so I set it to £47.50 which was still too high.


The only way I could reduce to as close to the payment I wanted of £35 was to ring BT and get them to do, who advised the minimum would be £35.50 to pay a month.


So why couldn't I do it online, yet BT could do it over the phone?



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