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Leaving BT! Yipeeee!!!

 Over the past several months BT have made my life a total misery. I ordered the cheapest basic braodband and phone package as i was heavily pregnant and i was assured the first 3 months were free. I picked an installation date and waited. the day was changed. Fair enough. However they tured up on the original date!! It was lucky i was actually in as i remember having a midwife appointment that day!


i had my baby and unfortunatly he had to be in hospital. While i was there and money was tight ( my partner was taking leave from work) i realised BT had taken money out of my account despite being reassured the first 3 months were free. When my baby came home last august we phoned them up and we were apologized to and were told the next 3 months would be free. Again fair enough they'd sorted it. October came and low and behold BT had tried to take 75.00 out of my bank account. I simply didnt have the money in there and i recieved 60.00 in bank charges because i went overdrawn and it was returned. Now what got me about this was i had to pay the 60.00 bank charges out of my child benefit backdate. the bank refused to refund me as did BT. I got on the phone to them again to ask why they'd taken money out when it was meant to be free and why theyd taken so much! The package i was on was only meant to be 19.00 a month anyway!


I was told i was on an unlimited broadband service with international calling. I stated that was not the package i ordered and i didnt want to be on it. I wanted the cheapest basic package. i was again apologized to and was promised id be on my basic package and it would be free until after christmas. i could also keep the international phone handset id recieved as a good will gesture. It took a lot of phone calls and hours wasted on the phone and being cut off to get to this point but i felt better. I was back on my original package with no bill to worry about until after christmas. the only bad side wwas that i wouldnt see my child benefit again.


After christmas i recieve a BT bill for 150.00. At this point i was fuming. What was so difficult about them putting me on the cheapest package?! id been promised it and id been promised it free until after christmas. Both Lies. At this point i phoned and i was told my account was being reffered to by a manager as it was so far in arrears! i was furious and explained what had happened but still a manager would look into it. Then i was cut off the first time. My partner works and i dont have a mobile ( my partner has a contract one we both use but he needs it for work) and i was home every day with a baby with no phone line or internet. I ring up and i got reconnected, but a week later it happens again! The manager finally rings me and i get told i need more time to look into your account il phone you in 2 weeks. I then say quick sarcastically that he cant contact me because his company have unfairly cut me off again. He did seem surprised and reconnected me again.


This brings us up to now. I was disconnected again last week and i emailed the manager to let him know. Ive had no response off him and its now been a week with no phone line or internet. Ive had to come to my mothers every day in case something happens! So today i bit the bullet and joined Sky. i had to phone up and get my Mac code though, something i wasnt looking forward to. I eventually got it to be warned id have to pay 150.00 just to leave BT!! I politely informed the woman i wasnt going to pay it or the bill thats now at 183.00 as they have the cheek to charge me for late payment and line reconnection!!!


All i wanted was basic broadband and a phone line for 19.99 free for three months. Theyre even advertising the same deal on the telly right now! but they cant even provide it! They upgraded me without my knowledge and had the cheek to charge me for it! Well they failed as im now a happy sky customer!

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Re: Leaving BT! Yipeeee!!!

Good for you i may be joining you as before i had troubles i was with sky and orange.


Both are good when it comes to billing they say you used this much this month and here is your posted paper bill you then can ring and or go online to pay them so simple.


PS dont you just hate it when you get cut off?? ( just happened again to me today ) and above all that dont BT control most of the UK landlines and exchanges hummm and we get cut off maybe they should call Orange engerneer or another to sort

all the best


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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Leaving BT! Yipeeee!!!

Hi Pinkprincessellen,

I'm sure I can help you with this. Drop me an email with your forum username and your BT account details and we'll get back to you. You'll find the address in my profile (under "about me").


Community ModeratorStephanie
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