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Leaving BT and moving to Sky as the billing department are incompetant

After many phone calls and frustration with Emails, I am posting this here in the hope that others will gain a warning of BT's practices and also that I may be given an apology (which only BT cancellation department have so far managed to do).


I should state, I am happy with the product from BT. It is excellent. My sole problem is the incompetance of the billing department.


Last year BT billing department changed the amount being debited by direct debit from my bank account to over 70+ pounds a month. That for BT broadband option 3. This was supposed to be 24.99 + line rental, no more.

I called BT in the start of January to point this out, by which time my account was over 200 pounds in credit. This was refunded to me. I asked the billing representative to change the amount being debited from my account from 70+ pounds per month, to the correct figure of 24.99 + line rental (around 35 pounds).


My 200 pounds was refunded, but then it has all gone wrong. The person who spoke to me had apparently changed my direct debit without my permission to something I had not agreed to. He had changed it from monthly to quarterly and had changed the date from the start of the month (when I pay all my bills) to before my payday at the 20th. BT took near 120 pounds from my account and put me overdrawn, having already taken 70 pounds in January. I called BT and complained and received no joy from the billing department who could see nothing wrong in what had been done. I then called back to speak to a supervisor who finally saw what was wrong. He then promised that no attempt would be made to take any more money from my account and that I should call back at my leisure to setup a direct debit again of the correct amount, on the correct day on a monthly basis. This I agreed before going on vacation.


Lo and behold .. while on vacation I gain an Email from someone in BT billing to state that they would be attempting to take more money from my account (despite reassurances this would not be attempted). I was forced to respond to this while on my vacation and the person in BT billing withdrew from attempting to take money I do not owe to them.


Calling BT on my return home, I receive a message from the advisors that nothing is wrong, that I owe money as my account was switched to quarterly billing. That nothing can be done and will I please pay up immediately. I have now lost all respect and consider BT incompetant. They are unable to bill me on the correct frequency, amount or date of the month. They beleive that they have done nothing wrong so it is impossible to do business with them as I cannot have a rogue supplier dipping their paws into my bank account taking whatever figure that "they" feel is best.


I have since called the cancellations department for my MAC address. I received excellent service from the lady in that department. She tried to keep me by telling me she could lower my bill. I refused as I had to point out that I could not trust the billing department to bill the correct lower amount.


I am happy with the broadband service. I am happy with the BT product. I am saddened and upset that BT would overcharge me, then refund me for their error and in doing so create a new set of issues which they refuse to admit are their fault or make any attempt to correct them. I cannot do business with such a company. I have contacted sky who will be supplying me my phone line, broadband and TV for less than my old BT broadband + line rental rate. They have promised that they like to charge customers on the frequency asked, for the correct amount and on the correct day of the month.


Goodbye BT. Its been a pleasure to use your broadband and phone line. Your billing department is an exemplar of bad service and my sole cause for leaving. Congratulations.

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Re: Leaving BT and moving to Sky as the billing department are incompetant

Can only sympathise and agree  with all you say both with regard to Product and services

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Leaving BT and moving to Sky as the billing department are incompetant

good luck, the billing dpt have not got my bills right since September last year. I'll be following you to sky once my contract ends with bt, if not sooner. The billing dpt might want to consider employing people who can do their jobs
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