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Leaving BT - mixed messages

Oh dear. So I am leaving BT to go to Plusnet. I am receiving mixed messages. Have received this in a letter and e-mail:


We won't send you a final bill when you move your phone line because you're keeping these services with us:

  • BT Broadband
  • BT TV
  • BT Sport on BT TV

This is incorrect. I am NOT keeping BT Broadband (and I would like to cancel the TV now but I understand I can't do this as it's a 30 day notice period?). I am moving phone line AND broadband. I have spoken to Plusnet who were helpful and said BT are sending out the wrong e-mails and letters and have accepted the order. However, I want to be sure as I can forsee problems - nothing is straightforward with BT. I have spoken to your live chat who just repeat..if you want to cancel... I don't want to cancel I just want to make sure everything is in place for a smooth transition! 


If you could let me know whether I should ignore this or whether I should get back in touch with Plusnet that would be great. I am not going to call up because I have better things to do than wait in a queue for hours on end trying to explain this!

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