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Leaving BT

I am posting this here because I can't get any sort of answer elsewhere either from BT or TalkTalk who I wish to join.  My BT contract expires 28 February and I understand I need to give BT 30 days' notice of my intention to leave.  My question is regarding timing.  When should I apply to the new provider given that the "live date" cannot be before the end of the contract?  I presume now is too early to do so and also to apply for a MAC code?  Also I presume I won't be charged any kind of fee to leave as long as it is after the contract ends?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 

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Re: Leaving BT

You can ask for your MAC code any time. It is valid for 30 days. When you order your TT  package give them the MAC code then and even if it's more than 30 days from when you leave it won't matter because TT have it.


You will have to decide when you want to finish with BT and start with TT. Once your contract with BT is finished you will go onto a monthly rolling contract which can be terminated with 30 days notice. It would obviously make sense to have the end date and start date the same.


If your contract with BT is finished and you are moving to another provider, which you are, there will be no fees other than your last bill for calls made etc.

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Re: Leaving BT

BT's T&C say, "If you are switching to another provider through an approved process, the notice you must give us will be 14 [instead of 30] days." I assume that using a MAC would qualify but it would be as well to check.

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Re: Leaving BT

I replied to your pm, I will add that charges also depend on your billing cycle. For example if you pay a monthly bill that is generated on the 1st of feb and pay that then you have paid up to the end of your contract. If it is mid month then you may have 2 weeks to pay. My bill date was the 19th and I had the phone, BB and the anytime calls along with the added charge of there privacy package. My contracted ends on the 31st of Jan and my new provider took over on the 14th of jan and my final bill was £5.18.


Remember they will try and get you to stay but there offer is nothing like as good as the other providers and the switch is a breeze.