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Leaving BT


I ordered my BT package in Jan 2021. At the same time we were relocating to Ashford and remained busy with unpacking and adjusting to new place/ routine along-with working at NHS. It was quite stressful during those days and I failed the opportunity to try/ install/ configure my already delivered package package during 14 days.

In the first week of March I had the time to actually look into my Bt packages and installed tv box/ broadband, etc.

From that day onwards we experienced some annoying noise each time we changed channels at BT. First we ignored these. Later we realised it’s repeated and something we need to report to BT. The customer care ran many diagnostic tests and replaced box. According to them, everything is fine. Whereas we are still having that annoying high pitched quite teasing sound. Hence we have stopped using BT Tv.

I raised my query at tech forum. They advised me to post at billing section for the most friendly way to leave BT once for all. I know I am still in contract and i may incur hefty penalty due to reasons beyond my control. 

Is there a nicer or some other decent alternative to leave BT in good will without having that penalty ? 


Dr Shah

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