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After 40+ years of loyalty to BT I am leaving due to financial difficulties & have found a cheaper deal with another company for everything,I have even sacrificed food to pay their bill as I needed to be in contact with my wife who lived abroad.I am a disabled Armed Forces Veteran so I thought they might give me a gesture of goodwill & waive the charges of £127 for exiting early for getting the best deal.It seems NOT. It seems BT dont rate customer loyalty that highly.

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Re: Leaving

I get that circumstances may be tough but i seriously don't get why people think they should get away with fees for ending a contract early. The contract was signed up to for a minimum period which has to be seen out by both sides. Have you asked if theres any way to reduce the costs as well?

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Re: Leaving

There was an offer to "reduce" costs but it would only have matched the other companys offer & Im getting more products from the other company &  I  could even reduce that by £25 within the cooling off period if I wanted to. So I switched & I will pay the penalty charge.I was just hoping they might have  waived some of it.vita sic est.

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Re: Leaving

I see, wouldn't expect them to waiver off any charges as theres no reason to in reality to be honest

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