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Left hand doesn't know what the right is doing

I ordered fibre optic broadband, tv & phone over 2months ago, after waiting 7weeks, 6 engineering no shows, 3 cancelled orders, 9 million different reasons why is hasn't been done and 3ton of BS - I do have tv and phone but have been given a copper connection that is far to slow for the needs of my home. I was told that the copper connection was only a temp arrangement to get me through until my street cabinet was updated to take fibre optic ( the box is currently inside the boundaries of a live building site and won't be aces sable for at least 8 or more months).
I have since found out from someone in sales, another in customer care and 3 open reach engineers that I CAN have fibre optic but it needs to come from a different "box" and after asking around the street where I live I've found out that no less that 3 other houses have HAD installations of fibre optics that I have been told is unavailable!!! WTF is that all about - if it's unavailable to me then why is it being installed to others in my street??
Since no one in the complaints dept is able to sort this out or even listen to what I have to say I guess I'm just the one who gets shafted with 1year wait for installation.
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Re: Left hand doesn't know what the right is doing

as you are ordering fibre to cabinet your existing copper line is still used between your home and the street cabinet

it is also possible your cabinet is possibly ful and awaiting upgrade use this checker and post back the results edit out you phone number though
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